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New Media Residency Program

Piksel New Media Residency Program's New Term Will Start On September, 2022



Çelenk Bafra (Curator, Director at SAHA) Defne Caseretto (Director at OMM )​ Hande Şekerciler (Artist, Piksel Co-FounderSelçuk Artut (Artist, Academic) Selman Bilal (Chairman & CEO at Bilsar) 


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How does program


Piksel is a training, support, and community building program designed to help emerging artists and artist candidates from all branches of visual art to understand digital technologies and incorporate them into participant's workflow. Piksel does this by teaching to participants the types, production methods, related technologies and thought processes  of digital art.


Piksel New Media Residency Program could be discussed in three main titles:


As Piksel, we believe that networks will replace the hierarchical structures in society and if we are able to make the right connections and democratise information, they will enable us to both decrease inequalities and have a positive impact on innovation. For this reason, we see Piksel as a chance for talented individuals from all across the world to come together and collectively contribute to the advancement of art.

At Piksel, we aim to create an atmosphere where our participants become a community and  learn from each others’ ideas and experiences both during and after the program. Towards this goal we envision a Piksel alumni club platform where graduates will be able to stay connected and work towards finding common ground for new projects.


In this platform, we will also create a newsletter where we will share international programs, news about new media programs, galleries, and new software and hardware technologies.


The program will be held online so that it is more accessible for all of our participants. Throughout the program, various software, hardware, and other methodologies will be talked about. Although the best resources to learn more about these methods will be shared, the specific use of the programs which enable these methodologies will not be taught. During the program, we plan to invite experts and well-known artists from multiple fields(eg. Digital Painting, Photo Manipulation, Special Effects, 3D Modeling, Generative Art, Interactive Art, 3D Modeling, Code and Web Art, etc.) and ask them to share their experiences in their own fields. 


In addition to the 6-week program, our aim is to give participants a well rounded understanding of new media art by introducing them to professionals working in the production, management, collection, preservation, exhibition, and/or sale branch of art. By doing so, we help our participants branch out and meet different actors in the global art scene. 



Another one of Piksel’s goals is to give our participants the financial support to produce their new media artwork. Towards this goal, financial support will be given to participants after the program.


With Piksel, our goal is to educate our participants in creating and enhancing their vision about new media art. We are designing a program where training on the definition of new media art, coding, 3D software, animation and many other topics will be organized.



Ahmet Burçin Gürbüz Final.png

A. Burçin Gürbüz

Co-Founder - GarageATLAS

Ahmet Said Kaplan Final.png

A. Said Kaplan

Co-Founder - DECOL

Ali Mahmut Demirel_edited.jpg

Ali M. Demirel


Arda Yalkın.jpg

Arda Yalkın


Bager Akbay Final.png

Bager Akbay

Artist / Lecturer

Barış Atiker Final.png

Barış Atiker


Candaş Şişman Final.png

Candaş Şişman

Co-Founder - NohLab

Çiğdem Düzgüneş Final.png

Çiğdem Düzgüneş

Co-Founder - GarageATLAS

Hande Şekerciler_edited.jpg

Hande Şekerciler



N.Cihan Çankaya

Co-Founder - DECOL


Ozan Türkkan

New Media Artist

Selin Balcı_edited.jpg

Selin Balcı

Artist / Researcher

Applications & FAQ

Who Can Apply?

Piksel is open to university student studying in the departments of painting, sculpture, photography, video, printing, graphic design, industrial design, visual communication design, animation, glass and ceramics, textile and architecture or to individuals who have recently graduated from these departments. These individuals must be looking to incorporate the production methods of digital media into their practices and they must already have some basic knowledge about the field. We are opening the program to artists and future artists who are in the age group, 18-35. 


We have implemented an age limit because of our wish to support artists who are at the beginning of their practical journeys.

How many people are accepted into the program?

In order to educate our participants in the most effective way possible we accept 15 participants in total.

Is there an obligation to consistently attend the program?

As the courses are linked to each other, in order to convey all aspects of digital art in a holistic approach to all participants in the program, there is an obligation to attend the program consistently. The participants are expected to attend all courses except for emergencies.

When can I apply?

We will receive applications for the Piksel 2022 training program soon. We will start the training program on September,2022.


Is the program funded?

All of our training is held free thanks to the leadership of the Turkish Informatics Foundation’s Organization, Beginning Node and ha:ar and the support of our partner organizations and collectors.


What is residency fund for production?

With the help of our collectors, Piksel is able to give financial support to all of our participants for their new media artworks after they complete the requirements of the program.


Will the training be held online?

All training will be held online on Zoom.


What type of a technical background are participants expected to have?

Since the training will be held online all participants are expected to have a functioning computer. Participants must have knowledge of basic art softwares, especially Cinema 4D.


Is it necessary to have  basic knowledge in digital art to apply?

The program is designed with the assumption that participants have the basic knowledge of how to use a computer. During the training various software, hardware, and methods will be analyzed Although the best resources to learn more about these methods will be shared, the specific use of the programs which enable these methodologies will not be taught.

For other questions, you can contact us via our e-mail address!

Corporate Supporters

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Individual Supporters

Agah Uğur

Ali Güreli

Ali Kerem Bilge


Aslı Bilge

Ebru Eren

Faruk Eczacıbaşı

Feride İkiz

Füsun Eczacıbaşı

​Kına Demirel

Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ

Mehmet Germiyanlıgil

Örge Tulga

Rabia Bakıcı Güreli

Selim Aşkan

Selman Bilal